Safety At Thorpe Hall

Small by comparison to other golf courses at just over 81 Acres Thorpe has many fairways running adjacent to each other and although many are tree lined the incidence of miss directed shots is common place, the impact of a golf ball can be quite serious. We politely remind both members and visitors to the course to be mindful of other players on the course and give early warning of shots travelling errantly. Sometimes it may also appear that an adjacent fairway is clear but our mature trees on the course can affect visibility so we recommend that a shout of FORE ! is a good safety precaution in these circumstances as it would be if players are clearly in the line of fire!

We also would remind all players to be respectful of Public walkers using the thoroughfare walk from the left of the 8Th fairway from Wyatts Drive across the 11Th fairway then across the 13Th hole and then onto the 10Th and 9Th fairways into Thorpe Hall Avenue, walkers can be oblivious to oncoming play so please allow them time to clear or alternatively give audible notice of your intentions at all times.
And of course enjoy your time at Thorpe Hall.